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My name is Thumbs Up, but you can call me Wink. My old mommy, Morgan, is helping me make my very own homepage. I think that's nice that she let me have my own page before she has hers. I guess I'm a pretty special little guy. I'm not sure what a pony's supposed to put on his very own page, so I guess I'll tell you about myself

What my name is: Thumbs Up, also known as Wink

What my other nick names are: Tiddildy Wink, Dinky, T.W., Spaz (that's what Richard calls me when I'm bad), Buster, Pony (but mommy had to stop calling me that 'cause it confused Tony) and Houdini-pony.

What I look like: I'm a bay overo paint, with one hind sock and a big ol' blaze.

How tall I am: I'm exactly 14.0 1/4 hands tall - I even have an official looking card that says so.

How old I am: I'm 9 years old. I turn 10 on May 25th.

Where I live: Wind Haven Farm in Zionsville, Indiana. My stall is the second one on the left in barn 2, in between Dudley and Jessi. You can tell it's my stall 'cause the door is all wonky :)

Who my mommy is: Heather Zuber. Heather got me from my old mommy,Morgan Phillips, who still gets to ride me when Heather's away. Morgan got me from a girl named Annie, who I still get to see at shows (Now she has a pretty mare pony named Tippy and a new large pony named Galen Peachtree. Her little brother, Keegan, just got his own pony named Diddle).

Who my trainer is: My trainer is Cathy Rheinhimer.

What I show in: 2'6" divisions like Schooling, Non-Pro Hunter and Children's Pony. I'm gonna start doing real "A" Pony divisions this season!

Who my friends are: My bestest friend is Classy
who is owned by my mom's best barn friend, Cheryl, but he is living in Chicago right now. My other friends are Thomas, Big Mac (who is a cheeseburger, not a hamburger)- my trail ride buddy, Nifty - Stef's horse and Grand Prix horse extrordinaire, Coco - Classy's pony, and Moose - the biggest horse I've ever seen in my life!! Moose and Tommy are my grooming buddies - when our moms let us, we get together and itch eachothers backs (well, I have to itch Moose's shoulders 'cause I can't reach). At my new barn, I made a friend named Charlie, we chew on eachother's halters.

Which mare-ponies I like: I don't have a girlfriend yet (I'm only 9 so mom says I'm too young to date) but I have pony crushes on 3 purdy mare-ponies. I like Audrie's pony Tye Dye (Trudy), Courtney's bay pony My Fair Lady (Maggie), and a cute chestnut roan pony I met at Trader's point named First Star.

What my favorite treats are: Bananas, grapes, apples, Skittles (only Original Fruit), jelly beans, oranges, cantalope and strawberries. I like to eat just about everything but bread products, which I will spit back at you if you try to feed me them.


This one is of me and mom in Windy City this summer. Don't I look spiffy?!!? (p.s. we won this class)

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