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Merit's Page
Merit was my second horse. I got him at the beginning of August in 1995. We purchased him through Don Stewart from Ocala, FL. Merit was a fleabitten grey Thoroughbred gelding who stood about 16.1h tall. Merit had the wackiest personality of any horse I've ever met. He insisted on being the center of attention at each and every minute of the day. He was a goofball, but that made him ever the more loveable :)

Merit was going to be my children's hunter. Through an unfortunate chain of events, we had to put him up for lease. He was leased by a man in Ohio for a year. They did the Novice and Amature Adult classes and Merit competed in the Pre-Green divisions with Skip Thornbury as well. They did well enough to finish 1st in the state of Indiana for Pre-Green hunters.

Once his lease was up, Merit was sold to a girl in South Carolina. She shows him in the Children's hunters and does quite well, I have heard. She shows him under the name "Sandstone" now. If anyone ever sees him at shows, drop me a note and let me know how he is.

Me and Merit, right after we bought him

Merit wearing his IHJA Champion cooler (about two seconds before he smacked me in the nose with his head and made it bleed)


Today's show has been brought to you by the number and the letter M