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Places I've Gone, People I've Seen, Things I've Eaten

Hi again. Since I tend to talk a lot (I get that from my mom, but don't tell her I told you that), I split up my page. This page has all of the stuff that I've had to say recently. To find out what I've had to say in other months (and, trust me, it's exciting stuff) go back to my main page and follow the links.

Hold on, you're about to enter the mind of a pony - and that's a very goofy place.

11/11/98 I get to go to a show this weekend!! I'm very excited. I haven't been shown since Mom and I went to Windy City in July. That's a long time. Erin McCabe is gonna show me in some 2'6" stuff and maybe ponies, we're not sure. She's been riding me a lot lately and I like her. She makes me take big steps in between the jumps, which is kinda hard. I'm used to havin' to scrunch up my stride to do the adds in the 2'6" classes and I'm having a hard time learning that unscrunching my stride doesn't mean running around like a wild pony. Erin and my mom used to show Beginners together a long time ago (before I ever knew my mom, thats how long!). She's taking me to Wilmington, which is one of my favoritist places to show. It's all warm and the people there are really nice to me. My buddy Chris Payne is probably gonna be there. He rode me this time last year and he gets very excited to see me (he calls me 'his pony' - silly, everyone knows I'm my mommy's and Thomas's pony). Heather has been back at the barn a lot which makes us all happy. I like having Erin ride me but I want Heather to start riding me again soon.

11/19/98 I was a very good boy in Wilmington. Cathy was impressed with what a good boy I was. She thought I was gonna be a nut case! Me, a crazy pony? Never:) I cant remember all the ribbons I got, but Cathy told my mommy's mom that I got a bunch of 'em. I did ponies and some 2'6" stuff. The 2'6" classes were big and the pony classes were really tough! There were some really famous ponies there. I was kinda intimidated showing with them, but I tried really really hard and I got to jog 7th in a few of the classes. When Erin showed me in the Pony Medal class, she got 2nd. She has really pretty equitation and I behaved my bestest so that she would do well.

Mommy is coming home to see me on the 21st. I'm very excited. She's gonna bring me my quarter sheet so I don't get chilly when they ride me. Cathy shaved me before Wilmington, which was nice because it is heated there but its not heated at home so I get cold. And I don't like to be cold. Ever. Mommy's gonna be home all week, so she'll get to see me and spoil me a bunch.

12/1/98 Mommy came home to see me for 10 whole days. I was very excited to see her. She rode me a bunch and I was very good. I've been a good boy and I even kept my blankets in one piece. It's been very warm (almost like FLORIDA- my most favoritest place in the whole world), so I haven't had to wear many blankets. One of the days when mom came out to ride me, I was in the field playing with my buddies. My buddy Charlie and I were playing with eachothers halters and Charlie tugged mine off of my nose so it was just hanging around my neck. Its a bit big, so it did that pretty easily. When mom saw me, she thought I broke my halter and was less than happy with me. But it was okay because when she looked at it, it wasn't broken at all. Mom punched some more holes in it so it fits better and Charlie has to work harder to pull it off. On Sunday when mom came to get me in from outside, she saw that I didn't have my halter on at all and thought I lost it. She was telling me how much trouble I was going to be in if I lost my leather turn out halter when she figured out what happened -- Alan didn't turn me out with one on. Duh, like I'd really loose a halter. Even when Charlie pulls it off, I'm smart enough to keep it around my neck :).

Mommy also got to ride Jessi for Heather. I got a bit jealous at first, but I get more jealous when she plays with Whitey than when she rides Jessi 'cause Jessi is my neighbor and I like her. Whitey is a snotty little white pony and I don't like snotty little white ponies. I pick on him when we're outside together, so I'm not aloud to go outside with Whitey any more. I'm also not alowed to go out with Jay either because I like to chew on his tail (it tastes good). Heather gets to start riding again soon. She gets her jaw unwired in a couple of days and then she can ride again. A little girl named Kendal might start to lease me and show me in the Short Stirrup divisions. If Kendal leases me, Heather's gonna show me in bigger stuff too. Yippee. Kendal is a cute little kid. Some people say she's spoiled, but that's fine by me 'cause where there's a spoiled kid there's a spoiled pony and I like to be spoiled! Having a little kid might for a mommy might not be a bad thing after all, if I can just remember that it is not always a good thing to run around crazy with one of them on my back, even if it can be fun:)

12/23/98 I'm gonna be a Christmas Present!! I always figured I'd grow up to be a Grand Prix jumper, but bein' a Christmas present should be fun too (so long as they don't put a stupid red bow on my head or put me in a gift bag with tissue paper). Me being a Christmas present is a secret so don't tell anybody, and I mean it!!

I'm gonna be Heather's Christmas present. When you ask her what she wants, she says "Wink," so it's Wink she's getting. She thinks that I'm gonna go to Michigan to be bought after Christmas (mommy and Cathy told her that) so she has no idea. I'm not suposed to tell anybody, but it's kinda hard for me to keep my mouth shut. It's gonna be nice to have a mom that's around all the time and can ride me more. And my current mommy (until the 25th) is still gonna be riding at Wind Haven so she can still come out and see me and stuff.

I don't know how often I'm gonna be able to update my web page now that Heather's gonna be my mom. I'm gonna see if she'll tell Morgan how I do in shows and stuff and then Morgan can put it on my page. Heather might take me to Indio for the whole winter. Indio is in a place called California and Jay and Ernie said that it's warm there, like Ocala. That should be a lot of fun 'cause if we go it'll be for like 6 or 7 weeks, not just 3 like last winter.

1/11/99 I'm officialy Heather's pony now. On Christmas morning, Cathy put ribbons in my mane and tail (I felt silly). Cathy put me in the padock behind the house so that Heather would see me when she woke up. I stood right by the fence, waiting for her to come outside so they would take the bows out of my hair. When Heather saw me, she ran outside in her socks to get me (I sure hope she didn't get in trouble for getting her socks dirty).

Even though Heather's my mommy now, I'm not going to Indio :( I really wanted to go 'cause it's colder than you know what here!!! Heather's taking Jessi to Indio 'cause they're trying to sell her and so Heather can show her one last time (well, 6 last times). But it's okay 'cause Morgan's gonna try to come home some and ride me while Heather's gone. She's gonna get to ride Z and Tony and Whitey, too when she's home. I'm glad that I'll still get to see her, even though she's not my mommy.

1/30/99 Morgan came home to ride me this weekend. I hadn't been ridden since Heather left for Indio, so I was a little silly at first. I'm getting really fat 'cause all I do is eat and play with my buddies. Normaly I go out with the big boys 'cause I pick on the little ponies, but on Saturday I got to go play with the ponies. Beth put me out with them 'cause Monty (the baby) has been roughing around the other ponies and she knew that I'd teach him what for! The minute I saw Morgan come out to get me, I made sure she saw that I was doing my job of regulating the little guys. I promptly grabbed Whitey by the main and tried to pick him up. He squeeled, so I let him go. Then I ran after Monty and chased him in 8 or 9 big circles around Morgan. I left Tony alone, though, 'cause the last time I picked on him (I grabbed him by the neck and shook him until he said Uncle - well, Cathy came out and made me let him go before he said it) I got grounded from the pony pasture. I pick on Monty 'cause Beth said I could and I pick on Whitey because he's there :)