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Sonney's Page


Sonney was my first horse. I got him at the end of the summer in 1994, a few days before my birthday. He is a chocolaty bay Quarter Horse gelding with 4 socks, a blaze and one blue eye - major chrome! Sonney (Harrison at shows) took me through the 2' classes at shows. Even though he was not much of a show horse, we always did well, especialy in Pleasure Horse classes. He was 8th in the state in pleasure the year I bought him with his old owner and 6th the following year with me.

I had Sonney for a year and then he went up to Purdue University to be a horse for their equestrian team. I still get to see him when I show at the barn where he is boarded. He is easy to spot, always along the fence line cribbing away. They love him to death up there, even if he always leaves the ground when he wants to and not when he's suposed to (from here to your grandma, right Brooke?).

photo by Linda Hastings

Me and Sonney at our second horse show

Me and Sonney hacking at Grandview Stables

Sonney, my blue-eyed boy :)


Today's show has been brought to you by the number and the letter S