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7/15/98 Mom and I spent all last week in St. Charles, IL at Lamplight for a show. That's sure a nice place to show. We even had real stalls and not the ones in tents. The first day I showed, I won a class with Stef and another class with my mom. Mom was third in her equitation flat class and we got reserve call in one of our hunter rounds. I was a very good boy. The next day, though, I kinda forgot how to be good. I bolted around my first two fences classes like my tail was on fire. Mom took me out to a big field and galloped my butt around it for 20 minutes to get my energy out. It didn't work, so she had to take me back and run for 10 more minutes. Then, we went back for my other 2 classes. I was good then (finaly) and we got a third.

Everyone from our barn did really, really well at both the shows at Lamplight. Kim and her mare won the NAL childrens jumper class and Stef and Nifty won the $10,000 Prix the first week. The second week - the one I was there for - Elizabeth and Sam won the NAL childrens jumper class, Adam and Pesh won the Marshal & Sterling chlidren's jumper class and Richard and Avanti won BOTH of the Grands Prix. That's especialy cool because Avanti stopped ugly in 2 classes earlier that week and wasn't being to good of a boy.

All of the people from our barn are all excited because we brought a mare home with us that they've tried to get for around three years. Her name is Long Island Lolita, and is supposed to be some hot shot child/adult jumper. I don't know what all the fuss is about though, she's mean, mean, mean, and she snapped at me. :(

The guy from Michigan is going to come get me at the beginning of next week. I'm going to miss Rinehart Farm a bunch, but I think I'm ready for a change. My bestist buddy, Thomas, went back to his owners place on Saturday. I miss him a bunch - yesterday I escaped from my stall to go look and see if he was in his. He wasn't. Classy hasn't been comming to the barn lately, so I never get to see him. He's probably going to be moving soon too, because his mom is the one they brought in Lolita for. If all of my buddies are leaving, I thing I'm ready for a change too.

8/9/98 Well, I never made it to Michigan. I had my hopes up, but nobody came to get me. Mom took me out to Trader's Point horse show in Zionsville this week so people could look at me. I cut my head on the trailer, so now I have a huge ol' bald spot across my forehead. I had fun being ridden around there. It is so pretty and I got to meet a lot of horses and ponies. I finaly got to meet Jessica and her horse Luke. I also got to stay next to a very cute mare named First Star, who I tried to chase up a hill the first time I saw her :) Carrie fed me oranges from her orange-shake-up drink, which I liked a bunch. I stayed last night at the horse show to keep Big Mac company, 'cause he still had to show this morning. He was good and got 8th in the High Junior Jumper Classic. Go Mac!! Classy went to Illinois today to see if the people there want him. I'm gonna miss him a bunch. At least I still have Moose to play with. He's feeling a bunch better, and mom said I might get to go play with him outside sometime soon.

My last mom, Annie, just got back from Pony Finals. She did really well and was 12th in the hack on her little brother's small pony, Diddle. I haven't met Diddle yet, but I know we're gonna be buds. Any pony who likes animal crackers (yum) is a cool pony!

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