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I got a new adition to my page today - it's a page for all of the stuff I wrote last month. Mom said that I have too much to say (I get that from my mom) and that I had to move last months stuff. So, if you care to read it, there's a linkie thingamabob down by my links.

This week, my mom and Classy's mom, Cheryl, are doing a horse camp for some little kids at the barn. Yesterday, they got to ride me bareback behind my mom. They tired me out! Trotting around for almost 2 hours with two people on your back is sure hard work! When Mom came to see me after lunch, I was snoozing flat out on my side. I sure slept good last night. I like the little kids, and they love me. They all want to ride me, which scares Mom 'cause she's afraid I'll take off with them. The truth is, she's probably right - I get kinda rude with the little people. There is a new mare pony at my barn. She sure is pretty, prettier than any pony I've seen in a long time. Her name is Maggie. Mom rode her today and I didn't even get jealous because I think I kinda like Maggie.

Now for some good old fashioned pony begging - - - PUHLEEESE SIGN MY GUEST BOOK!!!!!!!!!! Puhleeeeeeese!!!! The only person (or animal for that mater) to sign it is my mom, and that's just plain imbarasing! So if you are reading this, and I hope someone is (or I'd be writing this for nothing), be nice and sign my darn book. Thanks.

6/17/98 Mom and I are going to a horse show tomorrow. She got me all clipped up so I look respectable and spiffy. I have to have a bath once I get up to the show so I'll look all sparkley and purdy. I have to spend the night at the show all alone, though. None of my friends are going - Moose has a sore leg, Nifty and Mac are in Detroit (Nifty was 6th in the Prix there!!!) and Classy has to stay at home. But I'm a big boy so I can stay by my self. Me and Mom are going to start Green Ponies on Saturday. She's awful excited about "breaking my green." Personaly, that sounds like it's gonna hurt - I sure hope not!!

6/21/98 Before I share how my weekend went at the show, I've got some awesomely big news to share with the world - - - -


How cool is that?!?! They won by about one half of a second. They beat big name people like Lisa Jaquin and Margie Goldstein-Engle. And to top it off, Stef was named leading jumper rider of the show. I was so excited when my mom told me. Nifty is one of my bestest buddies. We've been showing with our moms for the exact same length of time - I was doing baby greens and he was doing schooling jumpers. Now he's a grand prix winner and I'm doing real pony classes!

Okay, back to me. I was a very good boy, even with all of the mud and goop in the arenas. In our first class, I was squirly and Mom rode me badly so we didn't place, but then we both remembered what the heck we're supposed to do and won the next one. In my first green class, I was kinda surprised that the jumps were bigger. I jumped pretty well and even made it though the in and out. But then for the second class I figured that since the jumps were bigger I should go faster to jump them nicely. So a pony can be wrong sometimes. Then, 'cause I got myself all razzed up running throught the jumping class, I was a big booger in the under saddle. When the judge asked us to canter, I bolted. Then, while I was bolting, another pony cut me off and I almost ran her down. I think she was just mad 'cause I beat her in both the over fences classes. Anyhoo, Sunday went better 'cause I didn't run as fast and listened more. I jogged pretty well for my pony classes - Richard only had to smack me on the butt once to get me to go. I didn't stand as nicely as my mom would have liked durring the model class, but I didn't stand as slouchy as I normaly do. I tried to look my prettiest when the judge came our way. All in all, the show went well and I was a very good little guy. I got a lot of looks from people wanting a pony. Some guy from Michigan said he wants to take me home after we go to Chicago. I don't know where Michigan is, but he seemed really nice so maybe it will work out.

6/28/98 I was a star at the horse show yesterday! I got 4 firsts, 2 seconds, a champ and a reserve. Mom and I even brought home money after I won the classic. It was sooooo hot (the heat index was over 100 degrees, someone said) that I didn't do all of my classes. I could hardly make it through my one under saddle class, so mom pulled me from the Intermediat classes and my other under saddle so she'd have a pony left for the classic. She had a bunch of pony left and we won! Yippee. That's all I have to say for now, but before I go, I want to thank Luke for signing my guest book. That makes me feal like a special little guy :)