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This winter, mom and I got to show in Ocala Florida. I went down for one week by my self (I rode down in Tony's trailer with Crash, Baron and Lucan. I watched out the window the whole drive down). My mom and her mom came down one week later and stayed for two more weeks. I had so much fun. I got to show nine days with my mom and she said that I was an awesome little guy. We did Novice Child/Adult Hunters and Children's Pony Hunters. I got a ribbon in every on of my Children's Pony classes AND I won a Novice Child/Adult class the last weekend we were there. I won a nifty little silver coaster type thing. Mom was very proud of me that whole trip, and she spoiled me accordingly. Her mom kept bringing me nummy fruit to eat, like cantalope and strawberries. I got to go trail riding there too. Me and mom went with my buddy Big Mac and his mom Carrie. We had so much fun, playing in puddles and eating trees. Mac saw two snakes and got to eat sticks. I loved Florida - it tasted great!!!

I just got back from Spring Fling II in Wilmington Ohio. I liked it there too, because it's heated. I hate to be cold almost more than having my ears clipped. I was good there too and got my bananas. I won a Special hunter class with Stef and won my mom a t-shirt (which she says is so big, I could wear it!!). Then me 'n Stef got champion in that division, so my mom got a sweatshirt (which wasn't quite so huge). I was pretty good for my mom, too, except for when I decided to buck on Sunday. But I didn't do that to be snotty (this time), I hit my leg on the fence and it hurt, so I had to leap in the air a bit until it felt better. The best part of last weekend was that mom and I got to do jumpers. Most of the other horses where I live are jumpers and they always tell me how fun it is. They're right!! I didn't get ribbons because Stef said we couldn't run and I had to canter around like the little pony hunter I'm supposed to be. I did go clean in my last round so I got to do a jump off. Mom let me go faster there, and that was fun!

I don't know when my next show is going to be. Mom and her friend Cheryl might take me and Classy to a show in Whitestown, Indiana in a few weeks if Stef and Richard say it's okay. I was gonna go to Kentucky, but they ran out of stalls and I didn't want to have to sleep in the hotel with my mom (she's a bed hog), so we're not going.

5/4/98 I got to play lesson pony today. It's fun letting the little kids ride me. It reminds me of when I did lead line classes with my old owner's little brother, Keegan, except they didn't make me wear a hat today. (Don't ask about the hat, please. It was imbarassing) A little girl named Emily got to ride me bareback. She even got to trot, with Mom leading me. I like Emily because she brings carrots and gives me one, twice a week! I get to do it again next Monday, which will be fun.


My mom got the newest IHJA (Indiana Hunter/Jumper Assn) newsletter. As of the beginning of May, we're 2nd in Schooling Hunter! That's not bad concittering we've only gone to 3 IHJA approved shows this season - and I only behaved myself in 2 of them. We also have rankings in a couple of other divisions, but we're only 9th or 10th in those. Last year I was 3rd in Schooling by the end of the year, so I want to try to be at least that high for this season. That might be hard 'cause my mom's going to some place called "college" in the fall, but I'm gonna try.


Six more days 'til my birthday!!!!!!!!!!! I've been trying to get Mom to tell me what she got me, but she won't tell. I want new splint boots because mine are kinda gross looking. I like the spiffy black Toklat ones Oleo has, so I've been trying to drop hints to Mom. We went on a fun trail ride today in my mom's lesson, over to the big, fancy barn down the road. We went with Richard and Joe, Ashley and Oleo, Adam and Pesh, Emily and Roemer and Cheryl and Torie (Classy was at home). We rode through a couple of big fields behind the barn and then we got to play in the woods behind the big barn. We all got to gallop down the trails. I went very fast - I even passed Pesh and Oleo, who are Thoroughbreds and supposed to run fast. Then we went to their ring and jumped around a bit. I thought it was still time to run, so I wasn't too good. We got back home just before a big, loud, yucky storm hit. Joe got so scared when he was in the cross ties, he broke one of the snaps and it flew up and got stuck in the wall above Moose's stall! I'm sure glad I was back in my stall!




I got tried out by a little kid today. Mom told me to be good 'cause she's trying to find me a new mommy for next year. She's going to that darn college place in the fall and I can't come. I was very good and didn't go fast. In fact, I didn't go at all - she could hardly get me to canter!

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