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9/6/98 I haven't updated my page in a long time 'cause my mom has been away, so I haven't been able to tell her stuff. I moved barns to one that's gonna help find me a new home. My mom still owns me but she can't come see me much so other people are takin' care of me. I like it there and my new trainer is nice. Mom came out and saw me yesterday. I was happy to see her and was very good. I haven't been that good otherwise, though. I keep finding ways to escape from my stall and run around the barn yard like a wild pony. Tory even had to chase me down 334 - that's the road the barn's on! Cathy - my new trainer - is gonna have her husband pony-proof my stall. I'm going to give him a run for his money. Sure he can design a Grand Prix course, but can he keep me in my stall? We'll see about that!!!

10/4/98 Mom came back from college to see me this weekend. I was very excited to see her! I kept licking her all over and grooming her hands and arms. I hadn't seen her in a whole month. That's a long time for a pony to be away from his mom. I spent a week or so in Chicago getting looked at by people. They didn't think my stride was long enough, so I came back to Cathy's. I'm still a very destructive pony. My stall door is all wonky and messed up. I'm quite proud of my ability to escape, but it annoys the heck out of Cathy and imbarasses my mom. I'm testing Cathy's pony-proofing techniques. I still miss my buddies at the old barn and I think that I might be able to find my way back there if I can escape without them catching me. . . If only I could read street signs.

Mom saw my old trainer, Stef, and my buddy Nifty when she was home, too. Mom told me that Stef and Nifty won the $25,000 Grand Prix at Kentucky National. I was very excited to hear that. Someday, Nifty's gonna be realy, realy, realy famous and I'm gonna be able to tell everybody that he's my best bud!!

It's gotten really cold here. I'm all fuzzy and teddy bear-like. Mommy brought out my blankets, which made me mad. I hate blankets. I think that putting clothing on ponies is a form of pony torture and I'm doing my darndest to stop it. I'm a good blanket ripper-upper. The only bad thing about ripping up my blankets is that mom makes me wear them whether they have holes or not. It's kinda imbarassing to wear torn blankets. My light sheet is all holey and patched up, but she won't buy me a new one because I killed two other light sheets last year. I just wish she'd take a hint and stop putting those stupid blankets on me. My warm winter turn out is okay though, because she puts it on me when its winter and I'm shaved. It's all fleesy on the inside and it keeps me snuggly (plus, I think that I look handsome in black and teal). But those stupid light sheets have got to go!!!

10/16/98 Mom came home from college on her fall break just to see me. I was very excited to see her and was a very good boy. Terry told her that I've been a very good boy for Heather and Karen, too. I like them both. They feed me and take good care of me. Mom rode me some and I behaved well. I was trying to be really really good so she wouldn't notice why my light sheet was in her trunk and not on my stall door. She pulled it out of her trunk and was about to put it on me when she noticed what I did to it. I killed another light sheet. I tore this one pretty good and riped all of the patches off of it. Mom was less than pleased with me. I get to wear my Baker sheet now, which is supposed to be just for shows, because it's chilly out and it's the only light sheet I have left. I don't mind my Baker all that much 'cause I look pretty spiffy and most of the other horses and ponies have them too. Tony (the pony, not the guy from my old barn) was wearing my Baker (which isn't really a real Baker, but don't tell the other ponies that) and I had his so we had to switch. Mom said that if I harm my Baker sheet at all, I will be in BIG TROUBLE MISTER! I'm gonna try not to, but sometimes it's hard. Mom said she's gonna come out and see me a couple more times this weekend before she goes back to school. Cathy has some people that might be interested in seing me after Indoors is over. She, her niece Ashley, and Jay (Hearts Aside) are on their way to Washington for the Marshal & Sterling Children's Hunter Finals. Richard and Stef (from my old barn) are on their way to Washington for the Marshal & Sterling finals, too, with Pesh, Pogo and Congress. Good Luck Guys!!!

10/18/98 Today was a sad day at the barn. Mommy told me that Terry and her daughter Heather were in a very bad car accident last night. Somebody hit their car head on. Heather was hurt pretty badly, she broke her jaw, her hand and maybe her leg. The ambulance people thought that Terry had just broken her leg and that she would be okay, but when they got her in the ambulance, her heart stopped. We're all very sad. Terry and her husband were supposed to go to Cancun this morning to take their honeymoon trip that they never got to take after they got married. I miss Terry already. She did my braids for me at Foxton this summer and made me look awesome and not silly like some braiders did. She always made sure that I had enough to eat, she would chase me around the barn yard whenever I escaped and helped clear up my fungus that I got in Chicago. She even knew how to clip my ears nicely, without grabbing at them and making me scared. I've never known a person that has died before. Do they go to the same place that horses and ponies go? I hope so, so I can see Terry again someday and give her a hug and kisses and tell thank you for everything she did for me and my mom. Heather is like my mommy when Mom is at school. She takes care of me and rides me and was maybe gonna show me soon. I am good for her and listen to her, even though she's little. I hope she can come back to the barn soon. Her pony, Jessi, misses her a bunch and is scared that Heather won't come back to see her. We all hope Heather is okay and we want to see her really soon and let her know that we love her and it will be okay.